The concept of Shakti or energy is deeply embedded in sanatana dharma. This universal shakti is considered feminine in nature, and is often personified as the Divine Mother. Shakti is extremely diverse in nature; it can both be an agent of change and destruction as well. This dynamic power can be experienced both externally and internally. The mother of the vedasgayatri, gave the primal energy or OM. Vedic chantings and mantras which were all designed to revoke this energy deeply wound up in us, start with the chanting of OM. The mere chanting of OM connects us to Brahman and releases blocked energy.

Many mythological tales have people with extraordinary physical abilities and psychic powers which are an expression of their unblocked energy. There are 72000 nadis in the human body, perhaps more, which is the instrument used to evoke the energy to move. Ancient yogis found that the three most important nadis are the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna which run through the central axis of the body. If these are activated and balanced then harmony and positive energy is created.

In some bodies the energy is very high but the balance is lacking which causes negative energy. Negative energy disturbs the endocrinal system and brain and is also the cause of a lot of mental diseases.

Yogic practices dating to as back as 1000 years recognized the importance of evoking, controlling and balancing the energy that runs through the nadis particularly the three mentioned above. Chakras as we know today and kundalini energy known since the 20th century were all part of this ancient yogic knowledge. Practices such as ‘nada yoga’ and ‘hatha yoga’ arose along with a rise of human consciousness. This profoundest of knowledge that rose from intuition and later with severe penances of ancient yogis is fortunately preserved.

Today we are just beginning to understand this power or Shakti. The Shakti that moved humanity to material success now stands at the cross points of another human evolution, that of the individual. The basic practices of hatha yoga which we do in Gurukul is focused on slowly and gently manipulating the energy within us to give calmness and serenity and at the same time give us ‘shakti’ to reach our higher goals.

Hari aum tat sat

By Mithun, Yogacharya, Gurukul