Gurukul Yoga commits to use the personal information attained on our website or any other source will not be disclosed. This document is applicable solely to Gurukul Yoga and the information will not used to against any individual.

The privacy policy states that personal information obtained from the client, transfer or disclosure of the information to any third-party, if at all required client/visitor is granted to edit the information acquired on the site after their consent.
GURUKUL YOGA is a social website and might be linked to other websites. However, we have no authority to control the functioning of these third-party websites.
This privacy policy declaration is only applicable to GURUKUL YOGA and not to the other third parties connected to us. The information in the third-party websites is their sole responsibility and Gurukul Yoga is not responsible for act conducted by them.
The visitors on our website will never be asked to reveal personal information that is not relevant to the working of the website or personal communication with the site. No personal information is acquired unknowingly. The clients would be asked for their name and email address to conduct primary communication and in case of bookings, information like their preferred dates, course opted for and type of accommodation would be collected.
We might exchange basic information with the third-party for the services they are rendering to Gurukul Yoga. Also, such basic information will be handled by our management to contact our clients in future for marketing and feedback purposes. The client is free to opt from all such future communications, feedback enquiries and promotional approaches. They can send a mail at and willingly stop certain forms of future communication with the site.
We do track the time of login, date, browser type, language and IP address. All this information is acquired to solve the issues related to database and is in no way used to track personal information about the clients. The information recorded is conducted through:

  • IP address
  • Browser software
  • Operating system

The information acquired by these ways are to upgrade the browser speed, solve IT issues and for database management. Further, it may be used to make reports for managing the traffic on the website and track the growth of the site.
All information collected by the site will be accessible to its clients, for changing or correcting the information received by them. Visitors who have their information listed with us can contact us on for any correction, addition or deletion they wish to make in the information provided by them to us.
In case of bookings clients are asked to fill a detailed application form for acquiring other information relevant to the course and stay accessible to the management staff of Gurukul Yoga including staff & service providers.
The information acquired by online application form will not be disclosed to any third-party user without our client’s consent and knowledge. Although in case of requirement by law under some act like search warrant or other legal process or safety of Gurukul Yoga, our staff, our clients, or others we shall do the needful.
Client’s information so acquired will be used for future communication, marketing purposes and also for promotional reasons.
The right to be contacted is personal decision of the client.
Client’s personal identification information is left to their discretion. If in case, they want to correct, edit or add any information provided by them in the past, can be done by contacting the support staff of Gurukul Yoga.
We shall not be responsible for any faults conducted by our client in safeguarding their information (like leaving the browser window open after use, when using a computer in public place, etc.).
We would request our clients to be patient in the same regard in case of any queries or problems. Our staff is rigorously working on solving and answering our client’s queries.
With internet being exposed to multiple risks and damages like virus attacks, hacking events or other means of unauthorized access, its stability cannot be guaranteed. In such cases, Gurukul Yoga will not be held responsible for any loss, misuse or theft of personal information of the clients.
While we could be contacted via email, telephone services are more preferred and safe to avoid any under observation of authority of hacker or a third-party invader. In such cases as well, Gurukul Yoga won’t be responsible for it.
In case of any merger, acquisition, consolidation, sale or dissolution of personal assets of Gurukul Yoga, the client’s information, which is an asset to the company, will be shared, transferred or given away. With taking services from Gurukul Yoga we assume your consent in the same.
The privacy policy laid down by Gurukul Yoga is a property of the company. They can amend, delete or add any rule to its policy. The clients are expected to be updated with the privacy policy. In case of any change, the company would undertake steps to inform all the clients about the same.