Ayurveda Pachakarma Course

This is a very informative one month course with a well balanced proportion of ayurvedhic theory and practicals, useful for both beginners and those with good understanding of Ayurvedic methods. Theory session includes in-depth explanations on various concepts in Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Massages, Treatment Procedures, Marma Points, Pulse Diagnosis Etc, Practical Session includes Kerala speciality massages and other Ayurvedic massage techniques like Face Massage, Head Massage, Shirodhara, Abhyanga, Kalari Marma Massage, Massage with Herbal Bags, etc. Please see the course details below:

  • Introduction to ayurveda
  • Definition of Ayurveda
  • Unique features of Ayurveda
  • Aims of Ayurveda
  • The concept of health
  • History of ayurveda
  • Branches of ayurveda
  • The pancha maha bhuta concept
  • Tridosha concept (vital energies)
  • Concept of saptha dhatus (body tissues)
  • Concept of malas (waste products)
  • Concept of agni (digestive fire)
  • Concepts of koshtas (alimentary tract)
  • Concept of deha prakruti (body type)
  • Poorva karma (prepefatory process of panchakarma)
  • Sneha karma
  • Abhyanga (external oleation therapy)
  • Shiro abhyanga (oleation of head)
  • Mukha abhyanga (oleation of face)
  • Sweda karma (sudation therapy)
  • Tapa sweda (fomrntation)
  • Upanaha swedda (sudation using warm poultice)
  • Ushma sweda (sudation using herbal steam&bolus bags)
  • Drava sweda (sudation using steam)
  • Different sudations withou the use of fire
  • Benefits of proper sudation
  • Regimen to be followed after sudation therapy
  • Panchakarma therapy
  • Detailed description of vamana (emesis therapy)
  • Detailed description of virechana (purgation therapy)
  • Detailed description of vasti (enema therapy)
  • Detailed description of nasya (nasal cleansing)
  • Detailed description of rekta moksha (blood letting therapy)
  • Description of marma points
  • Detailed description of pulse diagnosis
  • Properties and use of various herbal oils
  • Ayurvedic head massage
  • Ayurvedic face massage
  • Abhyanga
  • Kalari marma massage
  • Shirodhara – with oil
  • Shiro dhara with medicated milk
  • Shirodhara with butter milk
  • Elakizhi massage with bags of herbal leaves
  • Podi kizhi massage with bags of herbal powders
  • Navara kizhi massage with bags of herbal rice
  • Udhwarthana dry massage with herbal powders for obesity
  • Kaya seka – oil bath
  • Kadee vasti – local treatment for back ache
  • Greva vasti – local treatment for neck pain
  • Janu vasti – local treatment for knee problems
  • Nasya – cleansing of head through nasal medication
  • Pulse diagnosis- practice session
$1250 USD

Duration: 4 Weeks

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