Dieting and Detox Program

Gurukul wants everyone to feel great each day, with strong digestion, balanced energy, and a sharp mind.

Gurukul ayuryoga detox programme is to cleanse and feel vibrant throughout the changing seasonsand to support the natural rhythms of the body. It builds a strong foundation for your health and helps to balance out many of today’s most unhealthy elements. From junk food to chemicals in our personal care products to chronic stress, detox, done in the right way, can do much for your health.

It is a preventive and/or curative treatment to detoxify and cleanse the body and mind using essence of yoga with priciples of yoga. It reinforces the immune system and leaves the body healthier, stronger and free from chronic ailments. Gurukuls Detoxification Programme is an unique opportunity to cleanse and rejuvenate physically,mentally and spiritual,on the beaches in gods own country. One should approach the program with the idea to retreat from normal life and use the time to connect to body, mind and soul. Our programme is also indicated for healthy persons as it will boost the immune system.

05:00 am – Wake up

05:30 am – Morning walk with sunrise meditation on beach

06:3o am – Pranayama

07:30 am – Herbal drink

08:00 am – Yoga asana

09:15 am – Breakfast

10:30 am – Treatment time

11:00 am – Herbal drink with fruits

13:00 pm – Lunch

14:00 pm – Asana Class (optional)

17:30 pm – Yoganidra/sunset meditation on beach

19:00 pm – Dinner

20:00 pm – Meditation, chanting,video show)

22:00 pm – Lights off

$850 USD

Course fees includes:

Twin share room accommodation
Ayurvedic vegetarian diet
Sunrise/sunset meditation on beach
Cleansing kit, 60 minutes yoga session
Pranayama and yoga nidra ayurvedha treatments and medicines provided in the course participation certificate.

When you are ready to make the commitment to join us for teacher training course

Please follow these steps:

Step one: Apply on line
Step two: Await confirmation of your application( via email with in 48 hours)
Step three: Our coordinator will guide through the balance