Gurukul Prenatal Yoga

Designed to prepare women for motherhood while helping them to balance out the flow of their bodies, Prenatal Yoga is an incredible experience that aims to empower. It covers every stage of the pregnancy, labor, birth and the postnatal period. It enables them to get in touch with their inner selves along with their unborn children.

It is highly recommended to enhance and maintain strength, endurance and even flexibility, and that is where prenatal yoga comes in. This is mainly to ensure that she is ready for the taxing period labor. Gurukul prenatal yoga sees to it that their endocrine system is balanced as it plays a big role in maintaining their health and wellbeing. Coming to their mental state, it is normal for women to experience anxiety and apprehension brought on by thoughts of the labor and childbirth. To help keep them at bay, practitioners will learn certain meditative skills on the mat, that can be used whenever any such feelings arise.

To meet and endure the physical demands of the process of childbirth, pranic energy is gained through the yoga asana. Breath control and awareness, or pranayama techniques cam become important tools to help with contractions, while the meditative skills keep them grounded and aware during labor, and maintain control of her body which helps decrease the chances of dystocia i.e. difficult labor which might lead to complications. Students are able to explore the connection between anatomy and the chakra system.

Every expectant mother has individual needs, and any Yoga practice they participate in has to be well-tailored according to them (and their unborn babies), keeping in mind their capacity, wellbeing and personal preferences.

This course was designed to help prepare students so that they in turn, can help prepare expectant mothers correctly and guide them wherever necessary. You will be taught how to design and teach your own practices at the Gurukul, covering yoga asanas, different types of meditation techniques, breath control techniques, and tools pertaining to help women reach the prime fertility stage, breeze through their pregnancies and even the process of labor and childbirth. The prenatal education provided is rudimentary but unique and focuses on the field of yoga practice. Another important skill provided is chanting, as Mantra chanting helps reach your inner aspect with the help of vibrations It calms and stills the mind. The expectant mothers will at times favor certain mantras more than others, which should be kept in mind as the entire idea is to design a practice that suits their needs, as well as those of their unborn children. Gurukul will ensure that you are able to teach accurately and safely, and that the entire experience is peaceful and stress-free for everyone involved.
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