Pregnancy Care & Baby Massage

This course is the result of our effort to popularize Ayurveda, with it’s time tested Pre and Post Natal Pregnancy care methods. The content of this course is developed from ancient Ayurvedic texts with contributions from Grand Mothers who take care of pregnant women in Kerala Households. Program also includes Ayurvedic pregnancy care methods, Pregnancy Massage, Baby Massage, Postnatal care, etc.

  • Introduction to ayurvedic pregnancy care methods
  • Basic principles
  • Introduction to ayurvedic pregnancy massage
  • Practice of pregnancy massage
  • Ayurvedic postnatal care methods
  • Ayurvedic methods of child care
  • Introduction to ayurvedic baby massage
  • Practice of baby massage
  • Treatments for common problems of mother
  • Treatments of common problems of baby
$650 USD

Duration: 1 Week

When you are ready to make the commitment to join us for teacher training course

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Step one: Apply on line
Step two: Await confirmation of your application( via email with in 48 hours)
Step three: Our coordinator will guide through the balance