Rejuvenation Programme

Gurukul’s main objectives is to provide good health to cure disease physically mentally and spiritually. Rejuvenation(Rasayana) is a traditional Ayurvedic style to restore the body’s vitality to its fullest capacity. If taken in a proper way, Rasayana helps maintain youthfulness and keeps you fit both physically and mentally.

Our programme is for all who cares their body physically mentally and spiritually but our focus is mainly for people suffering from the problems or illnesses like stress, insomnia, shallow breath, rough and dry skin, weak senses and sexuality, weak appetite, lack of concentration, weak memory, chronic digestive problems, constipation and migraine. At the end of the program, you leave feeling vibrant, and with renewed harmony in your body and mind.

Gurukul rejuvenation programme makes you feel young and energetic, improves skin condition and glow, improves sleep quality, memory and concentration, clears the voice, improves the capacities of the sense organs – eyes, nose, tongue, ears and sexual organs, the body’s immunity is increased to resist any common diseases and last but not least, improves the body’s strength and brings calmness to the mind. Gurukul’s rejuvenation programs are filled with invigorating massages, herbal steam relaxing and facials. Life enhancing yogic practices, a specially designed ayurvedic diet, and daily doses of herbal tonics create an uplifting, rejuvenating experience.
$850 USD

Course fees includes:

Twin share room accommodation
Ayurvedic vegetarian diet
Sunrise/sunset meditation on beach
Cleansing kit, 60 minutes yoga session
Pranayama and yoga nidra ayurvedha treatments and medicines provided in the course participation certificate.

When you are ready to make the commitment to join us for teacher training course

Please follow these steps:

Step one: Apply on line
Step two: Await confirmation of your application( via email with in 48 hours)
Step three: Our coordinator will guide through the balance